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Combine offer siemens new automation products of Sinumerik series

In addition to the most simple to use characteristic outside, this controller structure compact, durable, can not only improve machine productivity at the same time can give users bring easy-to-use operation experience. Its outstanding performance in improving machine tool machining precision and machining efficiency is setting new standards. With the SinamicsV60 drive and the combination of Simotics1FL5 servo motor, for universal type nc machine tool provides system solutions.

In the concrete performance, Sinmuerik808D provides includes PLC input and output, all the necessary control or communication interface, greatly simplifies the system connection. The control panel front end with USB interface, which can be easily in the daily use of the transmission parts procedures, tools, such as data processing data. With graphical support process cycle edit screen and practical profile calculator make parts program edit easier. At the same time, Sinumerik808D also compatible ISO programming language, can even in a parts program within the DIN/ISO mixed programming.

Be worth what carry is, in the design of new inumerik808D SinumerikstartGUIDE online guide function concise, intuitive, and users can be assisted. In the "rapid debugging guide" and "batch production guide" under the guidance of, and debugging can easily quickly according to the steps of the complete machine prototype debug and machine batch production debugging; In the "operation guide" help, the operator can master machine operation of the basic steps and programming method.

Overall, whether in the interface structure or in programming methods, SinumerikOperateBasic human-computer interface has inherited the advantages of Siemens high-end CNC system. For Chinese users, Sinumerik808D provides not only Chinese CNC controller and machine control panel, at the same time in man-machine interface on the whole Chinese support - can show Chinese, also can input Chinese as parts program name sequence or comments, etc.

In the universal type lathe, milling machine and vertical machining center, Sinumerik808D most configuration three feed shaft and a spindle, and can realize high machining accuracy and high processing efficiency. The numerical control calculation accuracy reached 80 floating point number nano calculation accuracy, maximum limit reduce internal rounding error.

On the other hand, Sinumerik808D have take the procedures section of proofread the MDynamics intelligent path control function, improve the processing speed and surface processing quality, and ensure that the application of mould processing. In the lathe applications, the manual machine (MM +) option for traditional tome from the car to the transition of the numerical control processing application provides a convenient, based on this function numerical control machine can use the handwheel to the traditional mode of operation, also with the nc machining of all the advantages, will in the future gradually replace the existing Sinmuerik802S controller.


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