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2012, Siemens process industrial customers summit held in tianjin

March 26, 2012, Siemens in tianjin held the theme of "practice in line, in the letter" process industry customers summit. A two-day meeting, on the display of Siemens according to different process industry provide "one-stop" products, systems, solutions and services. Siemens industrial business areas in northeast Asia area WuHeLe President Dr (Dr. MarcWucherer) said, "Siemens process industry customers is trustworthy partner. Siemens not only established the standard of process industry, and has been committed to help customers in the whole life cycle of the factory realized in more productive, production efficiency and flexibility."
The summit, the Siemens shows from integration project design to cover the whole process of integrated operation. The process of Siemens industrial solutions, the enterprise can easily cope with the current cost pressure, global competition, constantly rapidly changing technology environment and increasingly strict environmental laws and regulations. Siemens (China) Co., LTD, industrial business in industrial automation group manager at the summit sigfusson said: "for many years, Siemens and process in the field of industry related enterprise close cooperation, to help our clients to better use of resources, make its factory achieve higher efficiency, more stable and secure, so as to make the investment guarantee."
A few days ago, Siemens introduced based on the design concept of complete automation into SimaticPCS7V8 process control system. SimaticPCS7V8 integration of the Siemens automation controller, the field instruments, motor control system and low-voltage distribution systems. SimaticPCS7V8 has the function of further improvement and expansion. In addition, the system is also created a large new functions, such as greater flexibility and expansibility, security integration, batch and energy management. Including improved data exchange mode, simplified engineering configuration and function expansion of the new controller and software tools, the numerous innovation, not only provides excellent safety integrated solutions, and can significantly improve the efficiency of the whole life cycle of the factory.
The new COMOS10 software is greatly expanded the scope of function, can realize the mass of plant data management, including from engineering design to operation maintenance. Process design and process automation system integration also got further improvement. Equipped with the new interface, ensure COMOS and SimaticPCS7 process control system consistency between the two-way data exchange.
Through to the COMOS and SimaticPCS7 of integration, Siemens has engineering promoted to a new level, and then to build a factory integrated whole life cycle management systems and support covers the whole life cycle of factory integrated management, including from factory automation to realize the design and factory operations, all without interruption system. Due to the process design and process automation system can realize the consistency between the data management and seamless interaction, SimaticPCS7 and COMOS supporting the use, not only can reduce the time to the market, but also can improve the plant design quality.
Siemens outside the venue set up small exhibit on process industry and to cover the whole factory total life cycle of product line, including from integration project design to integration the whole process of operation, from engineering design to process control system and process instruments and analysis instruments, and factory operation maintenance and Siemens engineering services.