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Yasakawa Servo

All Yasakawa servo we sale are Original Binding!&100% Brand New!



Yasakawa servo:  

  Yasakawa  servo with its superior performance, easy setting, flexible expandability much beloved. Servo drive part contains four main series: YASKAWA Σ-Ⅰ, Σ-Ⅱ, Σ-Ⅲ, Σ-Ⅴ, of which YASKAWA Σ-Ⅱ, Σ-Ⅴ properties of the most widely used.AC servo, ∑ series set the electromechanical integration, can not only control AC servo motor, also can control direct drive servo and linear servo, from the general industrial use machinery to semiconductor, electronic parts manufacturing equipment, we can provide suitable for various USES of the matching servo, controller products.
YASKAWA Σ-Ⅱ: can run synchronous and asynchronous motor or synchronous dc motor. Output power 1-35 KW.
YASKAWA Σ-Ⅴ: excellent performance, with the industry's highest amplifier correspondence, greatly reducing the setting time.


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