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Yasakawa Inverter

All Yasakawa Inverter we sale are Original Binding!&100% Brand New!



Yasakawa Inverters:  

  Yasakawa inverter is one of world famous inverter, the Yasakawa motor corporation production. From Yasakawa motor to motor input understanding, Yasakawa inverter with its outstanding control performance and best quality of products, rely on Yasakawa people "to the unique technology for the society, and public contribution" the idea to get global industrial field of acceptance. AnChuan inverter represents the high performance and high reliability and high safety.

 Yasakawa inverter series include:

   V1000:Performance amazing! Use simple really current vector control small inverter

    J1000:From the cabinet and delicate inverter feeling high reliability. Simple operation, easy setting

    Varispeed G7:High performance and multi-purpose! The real vector control general converter.

    Varispeed F7:Energy-saving and high efficiency. Current vector control general converter.

    Varispeed V7: Small · vector control general converter.

    Varispeed L7:Synchronous and asynchronous motor standby, vertical elevator special vector control inverter.

    VS-656RC5:High performance and multi-purpose!


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