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Series 90-70

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Series 90-70:  

  Series 90 TM_70 PLC is advanced programmable logic controller (PLC), GE Fanuc series 90 family on a large scale, high performance series. The main performance as follows:
· compact structure the single slot CPU module, the CPU module has two main processor. One is Intel microprocessor for dealing with some of the analog quantities or special function control. The other is a Boolean coprocessor for performing the high-speed switch quantity control.
· all types of CPU module is floating point arithmetic functions.
· system rack with standard VME bus structure. Can be installed more than 300 home third manufacturer VME standard module.
· series 90-70 PLCI/O maximum capacity switch quantity 12288 points, simulation of 8192 points. -512 K memory of the CPU from bytes to 6 M bytes.
· has high density (32 points) AC or DC input/output module.
· simple module bands, can prevent mistakes installation I/O modules.
· standard with hardware way, can switch quantity response or analog quantities to interrupt the input. Can handle 64 accident interrupt and 16 time interrupt.
· very convenient system and module from diagnosis function, and the easy troubleshooting.
· the CPU module, has a battery in support of the internal calendar and the clock.
· Genius has distributed I/O modules subsystem and Field-Control system configuration, and may constitute a dual bus system redundant configuration.
· for special applications need may constitute a complete synchronization of the CPU heat for redundancy configuration.
· series 90-70 PLC can also used for ESD form (emergency parking system), and the triple double ESD GMR system configuration.
· series 90-70 PLC has powerful programming and configuration software Logicmaster using structured programming method. Besides the general ladder diagram logic programming way outside, still can have C, SFC, STATELOGIC and so on many kinds of programming ability. In addition, GE Fanuc was developed based on the Window 2000 platform Cimplicity ME programming software



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