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Series 90-30

All Series 90-30  we sale are Original Binding!&100% Brand New!



Series 90-30:  

  Series 90-30 PLC low cost, high performance, can easily replace from simple to complex medium-sized relay automation system application occasion. A few years ago by the high-grade PLC to accomplish the mission of the series 90-now by 30 instead. GE Fanuc continue to launch new products, expand the scope of use, shows its technology lead, its CPU has strong functions, such as equipment in the PID, structured programming, the interrupt control, indirect addressing and various kinds of function module, can complete the complicated operation. Another series 90-30 have powerful special module to choose from, including axis positioning module, high-speed count module, BASIC and C language association processing module and Genius communication module. GE Fanuc rich switch quantity I/O and analogue I/O, simplify the starting and fault diagnosis and the easy and other PLC and computer integrated one character, make sure that you, series 90-30 is present and future PLC sensible choice


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