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Schneider Inverters/Motion control

All Schneider Inverter/Motion control/soft staeter

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Schneider Inverters/Motion control/soft starter:  

   Schneider ATV series inverter With a wide range of structure for multiple purposes, to meet the requirements of different customers.

  ATV12 Series inverters(Dexterity inverter)  power from 0.18 to 4KW,

  ATV312 series inverters(Compact inverter) power from 0.18 to 15KW.

  ATV32 series inverters(High-end books model inverter) power from 0.18 to 15KW.

  ATV61 series inverters(High performance standards torque converter) power from 0.75 to 630kw.

  ATV71 series inverters(High performance torque inverter) power from 0.75 to 500KW.

  ATV21 series inverters(Fan and pump use frequency converter) power from 0.18 to 75KW.

  ATV71-Life product  series inverters(Elevator inverter) power from 3 to 75KW.

  Schneider soft starter ATS48,17 to 1200 A high performance, complicated application soft starter.

   Schneider High performance Lexium series  Motion control and servo control ,power from 0.1 to 42.5kw)include series:Lexium 32,Lexium 05,Lexium 15,Lexium23 Series.


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Product Name:
Schneider ATS/ATC series inverter/soft start
Schneider ATS48
Through the ATS48 torque control system (TCS patent).Special used for building HVAC applications series, pump, fan and high inertia machinery, compressor, conveyor belt