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Schneider HMI

All Schneider HMI series products we sale are Original Binding!&100% Brand New!



Schneider HMI:  

  Schneider electric company provides complete industrial snyder man-machine interface products, and satisfy the industrial field operators stand man-machine interface needs. Magelis man-machine interface series of fully, provide a variety of sizes. Can complete the process monitoring, data parameter login, modify, historical trend records, report generation, printing device etc.Open communication interface agreement with various control system that connection, such as: SNPX, MPI/PPI, AS511/3964 R, DF1 / DH485, SYSMACWAY, Modbus, FIPIO/FIPWAY, Unitelway, Modbus Plus, KS, etc.

Magelis XBT GK graphics terminals and has been recognized as an excellent performance of MagelisXBT GT have the same technical characteristics. The operation of the incomparable flexibility, can according to your requirements for configuration and control. Designed specifically for the bad environment, can use the keyboard and provide a security of the touch screen optimization control. Use Vijeo Designer software can be convenient to programming, MagelisXBT GK can in any environment faithful to reproduce the your dialogue configuration.

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