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Omron Software

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Omron Software:

• CX-One integrated of PLC and Components of the OMRON support software, and provides a CPS (based on Component and Network Profile
Sheet) integrated development environment.
• can in IO table set within the CPU Bus units and special unit, do not need to manually set and distinguish the address
• CX-One software CPU
Bus and special unit Settings can be unit online and actual PLC CPU Bus units and special unit set carries on the comparison, will mark not the and.
• can with graphics display network structure
• support language, all support English/Japanese (CX-Programmer support Chinese)
CX-Programmer: Ver 6.00
CX-Integrator: Ver 1.00
CX-Simulator: Ver 1.50
NS-Designer: Ver 6.20
CX-Motion: Ver 2.20
CX-Motion-NCF: Ver 1.20
CX-Position: Ver 2.10
CX-Protocol: Ver 1.60
CX-Process Tool: Ver 4.10
Face Plate Auto-Builder for NS: Ver 2.01
CX-Thermo: Ver 2.00
Switch Box: Ver 1.60
CX-Server: Ver 2.30


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