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Omron PLC Series

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MIT Omron CNC :
    Omron PLC is a perfect function of a compact PLC, can spread of the industry leading conveying control to improve added value machine control; It also has through all kinds of advanced equipment in the plate for ability to upgrade the large capacity storage unit, Windows environment and efficient software development capabilities. Omron PLC also has the following characteristics: flexible, transmission quality high, speed, and bandwidth stability, widely applicable, low cost. Omron PLC industry can used for packaging system, and support process HACCP standard.


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Product Name:
OmronCV1 series PLC
Power transmitter input CS1W - PTR01 ID sensor unit CS1W - V600C11 CPU floor CS1W - BC103 Serial communication board CS1W - SCB21 - V1 The isolation of platinum resistance thermometer input CS1W - PTS02 Can be customized to the counter unit CS1W - HIO01 Expand floor CS1W - BI033 DC input unit CS1W - ID211 Ethernet unit (CS1 series PLC) CS1W - ETN21 / CS1D - ETN21D