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Modicon Quantum

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Schneider Modicon Quantum:  

   Modicon Quantum is a Process control programmable controller.This series  automation control platform has the performance of the industry leading, including:

  5 kinds of IEC programming language (FBD, LD, SFC, ST, IL) apply to all kinds of application requirements
High performance multitasking system
As much as 7 MB storage space
Coating protection module, applicable to the bad environment; Safety I/O, high reliability; Support to the third party equipment
For high performance hot solution. Each module are small LCD screen and buttons, facilitate local monitoring
The front panel have multiple built-in port (USB Ethernet, TCP/IP, Modbus Plus, and at least one Modbus port)
The local frame of the third party module can be installed to connect profibus-dp



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Product Name:
Schneider Quantum 140-series PLC PRODUCTS
Modicon Quantum automation platform, is a strong ability to handle large control system, can satisfy most of the discrete and process control of the economy and agile hardware control platform.