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Modicon Atrium

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Modicon Atrium:  

       Modicon Atrium Can be inserted into the industrial computer PLC.

  • TSX PCI 57 20
    > the dispersed quantity I/O: 1.024; The digital quantity I/O: 80 point; Four special channel, 10 control channels
    TSX PCI 57 45
    > the dispersed quantity I/O: 2.040; The digital quantity I/O: 256 point; Four special channel, 20 control channels
    Other features:
    > can cooperate to use 16 slot frame
    > 1 internal PCMCIA card slot, the storage expansion card
    > 1 external PCMCIA card slot, the communication network card
    > support 6 kinds of communication protocol: CANopen, Fipio Ethernet, TCP/IP, Interbus, Modbus Plus, and Fipway




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