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Micro 340

All Micro 340 products we sale are Original Binding!


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Schneider Micro 340 series PLC:  

  Micro 340 Series products Suitable for and control the demand is not too much of the small and medium-sized equipment PLC.

Powerful compact structure
> every millisecond can handle 7 K instruction
> support multitasking
> CPU module integration USB port, with two communication interface (CANopen, Ethernet or Modbus)
Large memory
> CPU has as much as 4 MB program space, most processing 70 K instruction
> program, data can back up to with standard memory card
> as many as 16 Mb file storage space, can access via FTP
Special function
> count function
> position control (integrated standard position control function library)
> loop control (integrated circuit control function of the standard library)



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