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CP Series

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CP Series :
   CP1L: Rich CPU unit (10/14/20/30/40/60 points RY/TR type)
                Unique inverter simple positioning function
                Cover small machine control requirements
                The maximum 180 points I/O expansion ability
                The biggest program capacity 10 k step, maximum data capacity 32 k word
                 Pulse output 100 kHz x 2 axis
                 The count phase difference way 50 kHz x 2 axis

  CP1H: Processing speed: basic directive 0.1 u s; Special instructions, 0.3 u s, I/O capacity: up to seven expansion unit, switch the biggest quantity of 320 points, the biggest quantity of simulation 37 road, program capacity: 20 K step, data capacity: 32 K word, model category: ontology 40 points, 24 point input, output 16 points, relay output or transistor output can be chosen. CJ1 support high function module (maximum of 2), communication rich (maximum 2 serial communication RS232 or RS422/485 choose)

  CP1E:  20/30/40 point type CPU, complete product line CP1E/small PLC   CP1L/CP1H And with standard USB port, N type can be expanded and built-in RS232 mouth to two serial port Powerful positioning function, 2 shaft as high as 100 KHz pulse output To control the size 10 points to 160 points The operation convenience, namely the eye know I/O state Floating-point calculations
Security code function.

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