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AB FlexLogix PLC/CPU

All AB FlexLogix  PLC/CPU series products we sale are Original Binding!

&100% Brand New!


AB FlexLogix  PLC/CPU:

  Each FlexLogix system provides a programmable controller,can achieve multiple purposes.Input and output modules can be place in the vicinity of sensors and actuators.If there is distributed processing requirements,you can network multiple FlexLogix controller.FlexLogix  with a logix control engine,a FlexLogix controller supports the Logix instruction set,task model,and the data model.FlexLogix  controllers and other Logix controllers share a common programming methods and configuration of input and output modules of the way,have adopted RSLogix5000 programming software.A simple FlexLogix system contains a controller and a maximum of eight input and output modules.FlexLogix in more complex systems,multiple controllers can be used for can also input and output in different link.



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