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  • 2013-03-27 AB TOUCH PANEL Part No reference list

    AB HMI   2711P SERIES 2711PB12C6A7 2711P-K15C4A2 2711PRN10H 2711PT15C6A7
    2711P-B12C6B1 2711PK15C4A6 2711P-RN10H 2711PT15C6B1
    2711P-B12C6B2 2711PK15C4A7 2711PRN10H_D 2711P-T15C6B1
    2711PB12C6D1 2711PK15C4B1 2711PRN10HK 2711P-T15C6B2
    2711P-B12C6D1 2711P-K15C4B1 2711PRN15C 2711PT15C6D1
    2711P-B12C6D2 2711PK15C4B2 2711P-RN15C 2711P-T15C6D1
    2711PB12C6D6 2711P-K15C4B2 2711PRN15S 2711PT15C6D2
    2711PB12C6D7 2711PK15C4D1 2711P-RN15S 2711P-T15C6D2
    2711PB15C15A1 2711P-K15C4D1 2711PRN15SK 2711PT15C6D6
    2711P-B15C15A1 2711PK15C4D2 2711PRN22C 2711PT15C6D7
    2711PB15C15A2 2711P-K15C4D2 2711P-RN22C 2711PT6C1A
    2711P-B15C15A2 2711PK15C4D6 2711PRN3 2711P-T6C1A

  • 2013-04-17 Siemens 6SE70 series vector control converter debugging

    Along with the power electronic technology, microelectronics technology and the development of modern control theory to the ac electric drive field of penetration, frequency converter has been widely used in ac motor speed control and the control accuracy and dynamic characteristics of the torque control for lax, in the current market, all kinds of used in ac drive of various general converter, the dominant product mainly has the Fuji G11 / P11 series, the AnChuan CIMR - G7 series, Siemens 6 se70/6 se71 series, AB company PLUS II/IMPACT series, ABB company ACS600 / ACS800 series and GE AV - 300 series, in some of these products is suitable for high performance ac drive development, such as AB company 1336 IMPACT frequency converter, Siemens company 6 se70/6 se71 converter, ABB company ACS600 / ACS800 converter, they basically solved the ac drive of the two problems:
    (1) starting torque of rated torque 1.5 times or more,
    (2) the low speed operation can realize high precision torque control